Job description responsibilities for the HVAC Technician are:

  • Braze and solder metals to connect piping
  • Service, install, and repair air ducts, indoor units, drain pans, drain lines, and outdoor units
  • Install and calibrate thermostats, humidistats, solenoids, and timers
  • Inspect inoperative indoor or outdoor units to determine causes of trouble
  • Service & repair indoor or outdoor units, and replaces or repairs defective parts
  • Perform preventive maintenance on drain cleaning, coil sanitizing, and motor lubrication
  • Post-repair evaluation of operations of the equipment using gauges, voltmeters, leak detectors, sling pycnometers, static, and velocity instruments


  • 1-3 years minimum experience
  • EPA Certification Preferred
  • Tools
  • Clean driving record
  • Positive attitude
  • Good communication skills


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